Patrick Rimple 


One aspect of my research focuses on the isolation, characterization and comparison of Microbacterium terrae phages. I also will run host range assays with these phages to see if they infect the other members of the genus like previous phages have been shown to do. I am also exploring phage host defense mechanisms in lysogens of subcluster P1 phages. Some of these phages have shown candidate genes between their integration and lysis cassette that suggest when they are prophages they may confer defense against other phage infection. I am also going to classify phages that show resistance to these hypothesized defense mechanisms 

Patrick is currently a microbiology major and plans to graduate in spring of 2018. He plans to attend graduate school for a degree in epidemiology or microbiology.  

Patrick can be reached at:

Department of Biological Sciences
4249 5th Avenue
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(412) 624 6976