Bacteriophage genomes are replete with genes of unknown function, and relatively little is known about gene expression and regulation outside of the well-studied canonical phage systems.  I am interested in using genetic and molecular approaches to understand gene expression and gene function in the mycobacteriophages, using transcriptomic, proteomic, and gene knockout strategies to elucidate the mechanisms of lytic and lysogenic growth in mycobacteriophages Giles, L5, and others.  

Bekah earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, at Slippery Rock University in 2004.  She then earned a Ph.D. in Biology at Duquesne University with Dr. Joseph McCormick where she studied DNA segregation and condensation of Streptomyces coelicolor.

In 2009, she joined the Hatfull laboratory as a post-doctoral associate.  In 2010, Bekah was awarded a two-year NIH training grant fellowship to study the molecular genetics of mycobacteriophage Giles.  Currently, she is a Research Associate.

Bekah can be contacted at:

Department of Biological Sciences
4249 5th Avenue
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(412) 624 6976